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Enrique Arriaga (Unknown Persons) and Concepción Huerta (Territorios Personales)

November 30, 2018 @ 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Enrique Arriaga (Mexico City) : Unknown Persons
For his presentation at the C4NM in San Francisco, Mexican artist Enrique Arriaga will perform a sound work entitled Unknown Persons. This piece approaches aural cycling and subtle change thru tape loops and self-generative modular synthesis. This sound-substance is blended with cut-up lyrics of hardcore punk messages, spoken by a computer voice generator. This work is also part of a collaborative exhibit that deals with imaginary manifestations and youth rebellion. A paralyzing and freezing feeling in the face of protest and its causes.

Concepción Huerta (Mexico City) : Territorios Personales
Territorios Personales is a work that sonically narrates two frictioned stories in parallel, two sites dealing with human invasion as its main theme.

Site one explores sound based on a story of human’s pursuit of territory invasion. Territories humans invade when there is ‘other’ to the territories deemed colonizable.

Site two uses sound to share the guarded story within the territories of our personal bodies that are reversely the subjects of abuse, toxicities, and the passage of time.

The performance utilizes of photographs, short clips, and sounds via instruments, recordings, tapes, objects and contact microphones that transmute the elements that invade physically and imaginatively these two territories in danger.

About the Artists:

Enrique Arriaga (Mexico City, MX) is a sound artist, educator and curator, who lives and works in Mexico City. He delves into the crossings between: sound, drawing, and archive from a position that prioritizes intuition and self-teaching methods. He produces and performs in ‘Loquilandia’, an exploratory radio program for He has performed in several venues, festivals and museums in Mexico, Europe, and United States. He is currently a member of the performance project ‘Cyclops’, and the ensemble ‘The Poporitos Band’, and he constantly collaborates with many artists and musicians. His sound encompasses a wide array of experimental music genres such as noise, drone, atonal electronics, sound collage, and ambient, among others. He plays live improvisations with synthesizers, tape loops and other electronic instruments as a means to attain awareness of existence thru auditory experience.

Concepción Huerta (Mexico City, MX) is a sound artist, photographer, and filmmaker. Concepción creates visual and sound narratives that approach a construction of a story through their invisible contradictions, those elements not yet objectified but imagined. She is an active performer and collaborator in the sound, electronic, and film community in Mexico City and abroad. Concepción has performed and shown her work in festivals and concerts throughout Mexico, Asia, and Europe. Currently, she is a member of the sound project of Camille Mandoki, ‘I Am’. Her personal live sound improvisation explores sound through field recordings, sonic objects and instruments which when reproduced with tape recorders and manipulated by processed tapes, together create atmospheres enlivened by ambient and noise music.


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